Lost Solace

By: Nick van Dinther

As soon as you read the synopsis for Lost Solace, you can tell that this will be a unique story idea that, if executed well, will be a quite a treat for audiences.  Thankfully, the film meets its potential and then some.

As a man who has never felt guilt or remorse, Spence Cutler (Andrew Jenkins) is a sociopath.  However, after trying a mysterious drug on a fateful night, he begins to experience symptoms of humanity.  What follows is the battle between living his life as he once did, and dealing with his newfound soul.

Lost Solace is carried by Jenkins’ captivating performance.  He’s practically silent throughout the first act, yet he remains engaging throughout.  As the character develops, Jenkins makes the necessary changes to keep Cutler believable in his ever-changing world.  Fans of TV’s Legion will see definite similarities between him and the show’s lead character David Haller, even though Legion was still unreleased while this movie was in production.  Lost Solace’s supporting cast provides Jenkins with the right beats to play off of, while also while having moments of their own – not a bad performance in this bunch.

Having a concise narrative to work with certainly benefits the cast.  Crossing Shakespearean theatre with horror, Lost Solace dips its toes into different genres without losing itself.  It does get a bit stagnant in the latter half of the film, but the story picks up towards the end as it builds a pleasing conclusion.

The film’s editing shouldn’t be overlooked considering the best moments stem from Spence’s drug-induced experience.  Aside from some trippy visuals, director Chris Scheuerman does a particularly good job of placing the viewer into the mind of Spence while he’s dealing with his unreal symptoms.  However, there are enough lens flares to make J.J. Abrams blush.  At first this effect works, but it eventually becomes more of a distraction than anything.

Lost Solace should be on your moviegoing radar.  The intriguing story and performances alone will leave you satisfied.


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