Hunt, directed by Squid Game Emmy-award winner Lee Jung-jae in his filmmaking debut, is an action-packed thriller that hits the ground running.

The story (penned by Jo Seung-Hee, drawing from real-life historical events) gradually unravels a mystery involving a possible North Korean mole in South Korea’s chief intelligence agency after narrowly preventing a presidential assassination from happening.  After a nail-biting sequence of nimble fight choreography and gunplay and once the news is spilled about the infiltrator, Hunt piles more amazing action sequences onto its paranoia-infused plot.  The film consistently revs up its confrontational narrative and, while the fast pace sometimes skips over opportunities to develop characters, it plays up the danger and stress during unpredictable scenarios filled with mistrust and deception.

Jung-jae. who also plays a co-lead in Hunt, has set an incredibly high bar with his directorial debut.  I can’t wait to see what he does next!


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