Generation Wealth

Inspired by her catalogue of photography and her award-winning documentary The Queen of Versailles, Lauren Greenfield set off to encapsulate global obsessions of self-value in her latest doc Generation Wealth.  However, if you ask me, Generation Wealth has not only been inspired by Greenfield’s career and questions about society, but also by various unfinished stories seeking closure.

Greenfield covers many topics, all of which pertain to opinions and suggestions about the key to success, and her ability to tie these themes together is an incredible flow to witness.  That’s not to say it’s always fluent considering how the filmmaker bounces around from different countries and societal statuses throughout, but it’s a motivated choice to show viewers how deep greed runs in our lifetime.

Among these threads are personal perspectives from “realized” people Greenfield revisits after logging them in a glossy photograph years ago.  Most of these interviewees have since had eye-opening epiphanies, giving the film a fresh, reflective take on the age of innocence in the midst of its journey through outrageous affluence.


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