Earth: Seen From the Heart

“The planet is fine, the people are f*cked.”

That quote is from George Carlin’s 1992 comedy special Jammin’ in New York, yet it still rings true in 2018.  Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol’s enjoyable documentary Earth: Seen From The Heart is, more or less, a well-supported expansion off that epiphany.  Carlin’s routine may have resulted in a hilariously lampooning of environmentalists, but this proactive documentary is an enthusiastic retort by a team of trustworthy intellects (headlined by astrophysicist Hubert Reeves).

Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol’s film is brimming with ideas, but the highlights occur during her eye-opening tours of Earth’s species and ecosystems.  We’re all brought up to understand that nature is imperative, but this documentary does a spot-on job of showing movie goers how everything is truly connected, and what happens when human beings start tipping the scale in their favour.

Earth: Seen From the Heart is not motivated to guilt its audience, but rather to inspire viewers to be more conscientious of their overall surroundings.  Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol communicates this message without the slightest bit of condescension, taking full advantage of the tools at her disposal;  including smooth steadicam cinematography and extensive drone footage that symbolizes sharp perspectives in a vast world.

Earth: Seen From the Heart screens exclusively in Calgary, Halifax, Oakville, Ottawa, Peterborough, Sudbury, Toronto, Vancouver, Windsor, and Winnipeg on Sunday, April 29.


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