Canadian Film Fest ’22: The Last Mark

In this efficient “hitman with a heart” tale from director Reem Morsi, The Last Mark is a confined thriller starring a conflicted crook (Shawn Doyle) and a kidnapped call girl (Alexia Fast) reeling for a “job” that went sideways after the escort witnesses the murder.  The characters hide out at a safe house arranged by a fixer (Ashgrove’s Jonas Chernick) to escape the hitman’s unpredictable partner-in-crime (Bryce Hodgson).  The dynamic between the unlikely fugitives is deliberately vague due to there being a potential past that the witness is unaware of.

Accompanied by well-rounded direction and a clever script written by Cheryl Meyer, Doyle does.a fantastic job developing one of the best anti-heroes in recent memory.  His intimidation is as convincing as his compassion.  Fast does a good job volleying with her on-screen partner using her character’s courage and vulnerability, and a solid amount of dark humour is provided by Chernick, Hodgson, and a roped-in gas station attendant played by Josh Cruddas (Polar, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City).

Despite some slow momentum initially, The Last Mark keeps the audience intrigued and guessing up until its final minutes.

The Last Mark is now available on VOD and Digital HD.


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