Articles by Addison Wylie


Sharp Stick

I can’t remember that last time I wanted to grab the reigns of a movie as badly as I did while watching Sharp Stick, Lena Dunham’s return to directing self-written material since her acclaimed HBO series Girls.  With this latest endeavour, Dunham is heading in a good direction with interesting and peculiar characters and then, two-thirds through the movie, Sharp Stick takes a hard turn into another character arc that seems like an unfair trade-off…


Emily the Criminal

It’s odd to perceive the high stakes drama Emily the Criminal as a game-changer for star/producer Aubrey Plaza, but it absolutely is. Her role in John Patton Ford’s feature-length filmmaking debut requires the actor to channel her deadpan demeanour towards a more serious direction that details her character’s desperation, exhaustion and, later, her vindictive desires – it’s an incredible performance in an exciting dramatic thriller.



I’m not afraid of heights.  However, as I watched Fall with bated breath, I felt chills and quivers in my back and my legs which I’ve never felt before.  Watching the movie’s climb-savvy leads (wayward friends played by Grace Fulton and Virginia Gardner) scale a 2,000 radio tower in the middle of the desert was enough for me to clasp my armrest.  Watching them dangle from the tower after being stranded at the top was…


I Love My Dad

At the root of a dark comedy is sadness.  Some examples may take more effort to trace back to that forlorn emotion, but the premise usually begins with an unfortunate circumstance and then carried beyond the point of comfort or absurdism;  ideally to create humour.  It’s all about finding amusing, and sometimes inappropriate, ways of interpreting that sadness.  And, I Love My Dad is successful most of the time.


My Old School

My Old School is a peculiar documentary that intrigues audiences with an unconventional narrative gimmick, and further attracts viewers with its strange, entertaining, and deliberately confusing yarn.  The movie is, simply, unforgettable.


Thirteen Lives

For three years, I have received an annual movie about the Tham Luang cave rescue.  First, we had the experienced first responders recreating their efforts in Cave Rescue.  Then, the team behind Free Solo made a documentary about the disaster with The Rescue.  And now, the story receives the “Hollywood” treatment with Ron Howard’s Thirteen Lives.  Despite my personal exhaustion with this story, I was excited to see how this latest adaptation measured up to…