June 2022



NBA talent scout Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler) is loyal to his beloved Philadelphia 76ers, and is reputation is respected throughout the industry.  However, he’s burning the candle at both ends and he’s growing more restless towards the required travelling that keeps him away from his family.  Management is rearranged, as well as Stanley’s brief raise, and the pressure is on to find the next big star.


A Chiara

A family’s secret unravels in A Chiara, much to the surprise of a formally unaware titular teenager (played well by newcomer Swamy Rotolo, confidently leading the film).  Chiara is worried and paranoid about her family’s safety, but she’s also angry that nobody will explain the situation to her.  She receives reassurance, but that isn’t enough when she’s witnessed her father fleeing a scene before their family car was blown up.

Festival Coverage

Inside Out 2022: ‘Out in the Ring’

Full disclosure: Prior to his filmmaking debut with Out in the Ring, director Ryan Bruce Levey and I have worked together and we’ve kept in touch online.  When he announced Out in the Ring, I was excited to watch the doc because I was interested in the subject matter: wrestling and the LGBTQ+ influence the sport has had over decades.  The finished film, while mechanical in its style and a little long in the tooth,…