April 2022

Festival Coverage

Canadian Film Fest ’22: The Last Mark

In this efficient “hitman with a heart” tale from director Reem Morsi, The Last Mark is a confined thriller starring a conflicted crook (Shawn Doyle) and a kidnapped call girl (Alexia Fast) reeling for a “job” that went sideways after the escort witnesses the murder.  The characters hide out at a safe house arranged by a fixer (Ashgrove’s Jonas Chernick) to escape the hitman’s unpredictable partner-in-crime (Bryce Hodgson).  The dynamic between the unlikely fugitives is deliberately…


The Bubble

The drop in quality between Judd Apatow’s comedy The Bubble and his previous effort The King of Staten Island is staggering, confusing, and disappointing.  The King of Staten Island was, in my opinion, the best movie of 2020.  While The Bubble is in contention to be the worst movie of 2022.


The Nudels of Nudeland

Despite The Nudels of Nudeland being one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen, it did expose me (pun intended) to naturist filmmaking.  That’s right, naturist filmmaking.  That translates to a movie performed by actors who are entirely in the buff, embracing nudism and using it to tell a story as well as to enlighten viewers on this chosen lifestyle.  Distracting?  Sure.  A bit awkward?  You betcha.  Heavy-handed in its persuasion that it teeters on…