The most interesting thing about Marionette is the question it made me ask myself: if a generic movie is a functioning entry in its genre, should it receive a passing grade?  I had just given Netflix’s bombastic blockbuster Red Notice a recommendation because of this same grading method.  So, what’s preventing me from doing the same with Marionette?


The Surprise Visit

The Surprise Visit features a small ensemble of actors who seem to be challenging each other.  Only they’re not inspiring each other, they’re competing against each other for who can exaggerate the most.  And director Nick Lyon is letting his cast “duke it out”.


See For Me

By: Trevor Chartrand See For Me, directed by Randall Okita (The Lockpicker), is an engaging thriller that’s sort-of a reverse Don’t Breathe.  In both films, a blind person fends off would-be home invaders – but in Okita’s movie, our visually-impaired lead character is not a sadistic sociopath – she’s (mostly) a good person.


Try Harder!

Lowell High School is the top-ranked public high school in San Francisco.  In a world where everyone is a straight-A student, Lowell seniors are stressed out, scrambling to secure places in the country’s top universities and balancing overwhelming pressure from their families and communities.