December 2020



By: Jolie Featherstone Imbued with dry wit and heaps of quirk, Keith Bearden’s high school-outsider dramedy Antarctica leans into absurdist humour to highlight the pressures and barriers teenage girls are facing today.


Survival Skills

The police have always been fertile territory for mockery;  from the bumbling cop who always misses the crime to the surly “good cop” who gets shot two days before retirement.  In the last decade, however, that mockery has become problematized in and of itself, whether by people who think that the police should be above reproach or people who think that making light of the police normalizes their brutality.  As such, police satire needs to walk a…



“Ironically cast Mel Gibson as Santa Claus” “St. Nick is a man’s man”,  “Elves + Military join forces” “Smug brat puts a hit out on ‘man in red’ after receiving a lump of coal” 



Sarah Gavron’s Rocks is a realist coming-of-age drama that follows a young girl of colour, “Rocks” (Bukky Bakray), as she struggles caring for her younger brother after their mother leaves without warning.  Aggressively directed and acted, Rocks offers a poignant intersectional look at race, poverty, and gender in the context of the United Kingdom, where the racial tensions–let alone economic tensions–triggered by Brexit are flourishing.



Other than his physical appearance, my knowledge on the life and career of Frank Zappa was nil;  which is why I was anticipating the documentary Zappa.  Because if a filmmaker is going to educate me on the legacy of a prolific musician, it’s documentarian Alex Winter.  Recently known for his return as Bill S. Preston Esq. in Bill & Ted Face The Music, music aficionado Winter is also one of the best documentarians currently working…