November 2012


Life of Pi

By: Addison Wylie I shouldn’t be exiting a theatre shrugging my shoulders and issuing “meh’s” after watching the much anticipated Life of Pi. It’s a movie with a massive magnitude of talent both in front and behind the camera, wild surreal imagery that I imagine is a trip in 3D (I saw it in traditional 2D), and a strong story of a young boy who’s beliefs in many religions helped him to survive on a…


The Master

By: Addison Wylie The power of suggestion is afoot in The Master. Not just in the film itself, but it surrounded the film’s promotion and lead-up to its theatrical release. With the mention of a cult and a leader confidently guiding followers through his “rational thinking and cleansing”, many linked Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest to Scientology and to L. Ron Hubbard, the creator of the infamous religion. It struck controversy around the film and the…


Lloyd the Conqueror

By: Addison Wylie Why is it that movies try so hard to find humour in LARPing? Lloyd the Conqueror, a comedy that was featured in this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival and will now be featured in a special theatrical run along with a VOD release, is the latest culprit of this confusion. LARPing, for those readers who may be unaware, is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing. It’s the hobby of building…


This Means War

By: Addison Wylie The following is an unofficial transcript of how I imagine Director McG addressed his cast and crew before a shoot day on the set of the dismally empty romantic comedy-slash-action flick, This Means War. ********** DATE: Undisclosed TIME: Undisclosed LOCATION: Undisclosed…..but very glitzy. McG: Alright, everybody! Can I get everyone gathered over here around me before we get this show on the road? Beautiful, great! Everyone is here. My trusty crew and…