January 2012


Take This Waltz

By: Addison Wylie Sarah Polley has not only made an impression with her acting career but in 2007, she proved that she’s as competent behind the camera as she is in front. Away From Her was a heartbreaking film where a devoted husband watches his Alzheimers suffering wife fall in love with another man. Polley was able to pull excellent performances from both of her leads. Gordon Pinsent was phenomenal and Julie Christie earned herself…


Beauty and the Beast 3D

By: Addison Wylie Disney has seemingly hit an oil spring within the past year. As The Lion King’s anniversary was approaching, Disney released a print into theatres where long time fans and youngins new to the film could experience the now-classic tale in a different dimension. Sure, it’s gimmicky but it worked; not only for me but for the movie going public. The Lion King 3D made a boatload of cash. It’s two week engagement…


The Devil Inside

By: Addison Wylie The marketing department behind the campaign hyping the recent Horror movie The Devil Inside deserves a raise or at least a cold glass of beer (their choice, of course). I say this because they have managed to successfully pull the wool over our eyes and have convinced the paying public that The Devil Inside is a highly effective and consistently frightening flick. I’m one of the victims. When I first saw the…