Trolls World Tour

It’s fitting that Trolls World Tour is about accepting outsiders for who they are because, here I am, I’m a critic watching a sequel to an original film I never saw. I heard 2016’s Trolls was a pleasant surprise, but I never got around to finding that out for myself. Luckily for me, I could hop into Trolls World Tour and quickly get the gist of the characters, the imagination, and the amazing animation that fuels this series. Although, I wasn’t expecting the humour to be so irreverent. I love ridiculous unexpected jokes, but Trolls World Tour was going for a record in randomness.

Trolls World Tour is very entertaining. But while the energetic voice cast and the bright visuals engage viewers, it also teaches a comprehensive lesson about tolerance. Genres of music, which are used as tools for differentiating characters, symbolize different regions and cultures in Troll Land, which seamlessly create parallels to our own lives. While some will find it easy to say that Trolls World Tour is a product of its time in a current radical reality, the film exists outside of any opinions that may be flooding our lives at this moment. Trolls World Tour carries a great message about the power of expression, and how our individual qualities are our own special strengths, and how it’s much easier to be open-minded and create mutual respect than to set a series of general expectations everyone must conform to. 

And while the adults marvel at the admirable, subtle messaging, the kids will really like when the trolls sing and dance.


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