Yonah Lewis


Spice It Up

Spice It Up does something really special that I hope will translate to general audiences.  It rips on practically everything that has to do with making a movie, including those brave enough to take on such a task.  It even doubles down on its niche by teasing student filmmakers and the amateur qualities they have yet to grow out of.  Spice It Up isn’t mean, but it’s self-aware enough to shoot off some well-meaning friendly…

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Wylie Writes’ Ten Best Movies of 2013

By: Addison Wylie Now that we’ve recognized the bad movies that were slingshot at audiences last year, it’s time to move on and engulf ourselves in the cream of the crop. 2013 introduced a wide variety of great films to audiences.  I feel like I say that every year, but as I scour my selected picks, the only thing these movies share are the odd genre they’re grouped in. Take documentaries, for example.  Audiences were…


The Oxbow Cure

By: Addison Wylie The Oxbow Cure had me shivering for all sorts of reasons. Directors Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas are able to flawlessly create moods and feelings using minimalist tactics.  With its few instances of dialogue aside, this low budget Kickstarter passion project is practically a silent film as we watch a distressed but tranquil woman named Lena (played carefully by playwright Claudia Dey) escape to a snowy cabin in the woods to carry…