I, Tonya

By: Nick van Dinther Every news station covered what happened to Nancy Kerrigan leading up to the 1994 Olympics, and the supposed involvement of Tonya Harding.  So, how do you take a story that everyone knows and create something new out of it?  Director Craig Gillespie excellently answers that question with I, Tonya, a movie about so much more than just “the incident”.


1 Mile to You

You pick up on a lot of hints when you watch enough movies.  In a screening of The Blind Side, I grasped my armrest and held my breath when two characters were happily singing while driving.  I know when that happens, an accident is right around the corner and, sure enough, there was.


Seve the Movie

In case you don’t have the chance to catch Seve the Movie, here’s a rundown: characters interact with golfer Seve Ballesteros over both banal and important matters.  Seve responds by expressing how much he loves golf, intercut with archive footage from pro golf tours he’ll later play in.


The Crash Reel

By: Addison Wylie Who would’ve expected one of the most important movies of the year to come swooping into theatres during the final weeks of 2013?  Lucky Canadians are currently able to catch Lucy Walker’s The Crash Reel at Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox – and I highly suggest they do. The documentary addresses a number of issues worth talking about, but it all begins with the stellar success of snowboarder Kevin Pearce.  Pearce was garnering…