Love, Gilda

Love, Gilda captures the spirit and energy of comedienne Gilda Radner.  That achievement alone makes Lisa Dapolito’s documentary a success.  What makes the film particularly exceptional though is how it duals as a recap of Radner’s life, and as a master class in comedy.

Festival Coverage

Hot Docs 2015: ’Live From New York!’ and ‘The Queen of Silence’

Live From New York! (DIR. Bao Nguyen) By: Trevor Jeffery How do you describe a forty-year “New York institution” in 90 minutes?  Live From New York! explores both the mythos and the cultural significance of the longest running sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live (SNL). The documentary covers a lot of ground: the rise (and fall and rise);  behind the scenes;  cultural impact;  and the ongoing issues with race and gender dynamics.  While each topic…