Ryan M. Andrews

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Blood in the Snow 2017: ‘Art of Obsession’

By: Trevor Chartrand As a film that explores the creative process, Ryan M. Andrews’ Art of Obsession fails to bring much originality to the table.  This slow-paced, predictable little story takes itself too seriously, grasping aimlessly at faux-philosophical musings all along the way.  The film is an unfortunate mix of unconvincing plot, passionless performances, and a non-existent visual style.  It’s the kind of film I can still enjoy, however with a more ironic appreciation than…

Festival Coverage

Blood in the Snow 2015: ‘Save Yourself’

By: Addison Wylie Fed-up filmmaker Crystal, her procedural producer Dawn, and her colourful actresses travel to different theatres to screen their new film in Ryan M. Andrews’ Save Yourself.  Any festival goer will familiarize with the film’s first act taking place in a packed theatre as drama unfolds behind-the-scenes.  Those same patrons will also start eagerly guessing where Save Yourself is headed once the characters hit the road.