By: Addison Wylie I don’t like the route that these new documentaries from DisneyNature have taken. Plain and simple. I don’t like how facts have taken a backseat and cute stitched together stories have taken the forefront. These are documentaries after all, not straight forward narratives. Understandably, Disney is making these films for a young target audience. But still, young acquiring minds don’t mind the odd instance of factual information. These nature documentaries draw in…


To The Arctic

By: Addison Wylie To The Arctic is another documentary that reminds us just how relentless heat is against Mother Nature. The film, to which showcases the habitats and lifestyles of arctic animals (primarily a polar bear family), has an abundance of sweeping establishing shots showing audiences how much more desolate the deepest part of the Northern hemisphere has become.A strong attribute of Greg MacGillivray’s documentary (also co-produced by his son, Shaun) is its ability to tell…


Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

By: Addison Wylie My name is Addison and I speak for movies. And, I come bearing a review. For you, from me. It’s a film about nature and how to cherish it. It’s an important message in a film that’s in the pits. We follow a young boy. A young boy named Ted. Voiced by Zac Efron, should’ve been someone younger instead. Efron is energetic and charismatic to boot. But, he sounds too mature for…


One Life

By: Addison Wylie One Life feels like it should be apart of the DisneyNature collection. It’s similar to Earth because the film is showcasing different animal and insect families, it’s similar to Oceans because of the rapid fire pacing of each family’s story, and it’s similar to last year’s African Cats because of how the script threads in little tales. However, it’s not until we see an attack scene where an ostrich is brutally taken…