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Inside Out 2015: ‘Limited Partnership’ and ‘Super Awesome!’

Limited Partnership (DIR. Thomas G. Miller) By: Addison Wylie With Limited Partnership, documentarian Thomas G. Miller shows the audience the lengthy struggle Richard Adams and Tony Sullivan faced when trying to validate their relationship through marriage.  Love conquers all, but the feeling of outsider confusion and neglect suggested a hopeless future for the gay couple. Limited Partnership is the first film in a while that has really shown how raw and ill-advised the opposing side to homosexuality…


The Case Against 8

By: Addison Wylie The Case Against 8 takes you right to the very beginning of the scandalous, distressing times involving California’s passing of Proposition 8. Watching clips of Prop 8 propaganda and observing professionals talking in all seriousness about the benefits of the amendment is like falling through the looking glass.  It’s hard to believe that this period existed and that 18,000 couples with different sexual orientations were told their marriages were voided. Shooting and…