Lara Jean Chorostecki

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Canadian Film Fest ’19: Nose to Tail

In the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district, high-end restaurants hold their own against competition and stress, or so we assume.  This facade, however, becomes too much for Daniel, a well-versed chef with a bad reputation and unhealthy work ethic.  Over the span of a day in Nose to Tail, Daniel’s life spins out of control as his attitude costs him his staff and his family, and possibly the last chance he’ll get in the business.

Festival Coverage

Canadian Film Festival ’15: Barn Wedding

By: Addison Wylie Barn Wedding seems like it was conceived by hopeful actors supporting a “let’s put on a show” credence.  Unfortunately, when things start to get interesting, Shaun Benson’s directorial debut is a day late and a dollar short when the stakes are raised. The performances in Barn Wedding are sensible portrayals of drifters who are faithful to their friends.  They unite for a wedding, but the group grows suspicious about the intentions behind…