Ken Jeong


My Spy

My Spy is the latest addition to a very specific sub-genre that features a rough n’ tough action star dialling it down to shape a more family-friendly image.  Dave Bautista, of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, reports for duty in My Spy, following in the steps of fellow wrestlers John Cena and Tyler Mane (Playing With Fire), Vin Diesel (The Pacifier), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Kindergarten Cop).  The film that has had the most persuasion over…



By: Addison Wylie By playing the role of Bianca ‘The DUFF’ Piper, actress Mae Whitman finds herself in the midst of being typecast.  She plays this precocious misfit so well, that I can already envision casting agents salivating.  The predicament Whitman and those eager agents find themselves in is that The DUFF isn’t a great movie nor particularly memorable.  Its resonating buzz will be made up of satisfactory shoulder shrugs and head bobs from those…