Jake Johnson



By: Nick van Dinther A great ensemble cast requires actors to seamlessly fit together, while simultaneously bringing their own uniqueness to the story and to their character.  It’s a crucial key that Tag gets right, and it’s the main reason why this movie is so much fun.


The Mummy

Well, here I am swimming upstream – having seen Universal’s The Mummy and actually liking it.  How do you defend a movie that’s hard to save due to the outpouring of negativity against it?  Hey, I was there to defend last year’s heavily panned Suicide Squad.  I can give The Mummy a shot.


Win It All

Life can fluctuate, and I believe that’s the point Win It All is trying to make.  Then again, filmmaker Joe Swanberg may have just set out to make a straightforward character study, in which case that works too.


Let’s Be Cops

By: Addison Wylie Let’s Be Cops is one of those comedies that’s hard to get behind.  You want to go with it, you want to laugh along, but you can’t help but be put off by the film’s sense of plausibility. Director Luke Greenfield co-wrote this screenplay with Nicholas Thomas, and it’s a script that does more harm than good.  The story starts off well enough with two schlubs (Ryan and Justin played by Jake…


Safety Not Guaranteed

By: Addison Wylie With his first feature film, director Colin Trevorrow (with the help of screenwriter Derek Connolly) has conjured up this gem that pokes fun at, while still embracing adolescence and growing up. It all starts with our lead female played by character actor Aubrey Plaza – who has always had a certain quality to her presence and to her line-reading that can be summed up in one word: pubescent. In Safety Not Guaranteed,…