Afterward is a personal documentary for Ofra Bloch.  With a career in psychoanalysis and a desire to make a movie, she sets out to talk with people of various backgrounds about how they’ve been effected by their culture’s history, followed by discussions examining guilt.  And with so much cultural animosity taking place in the modern world, Bloch digs deeper to see is if these claims are proven to be contradictive of current discrimination, and then pushes further…



Russian wartime blockbuster T-34 was a hit in its native land.  And while it’s receiving a softer release in North America, it deserves to be sought out and seen by movie goers looking for a good action movie.


Birds of Passage

Filmmakers Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra follow-up their Oscar nominated feature film Embrace of the Serpent with Birds of Passage, a sprawling drama about Columbian drug cartels.  The story’s primary focus is Raphayet (José Acosta), an average bachelor who becomes involved with drug trafficking, gradually becoming a notorious name in the dangerous culture.