Craig Johnson


Alex Strangelove

Craig Johnson (director/co-writer of The Skeleton Twins) returns with another sweet story about solving personal ambiguity with wonder, caution, and experience in Netflix’s Alex Strangelove.  This time, the angst takes place in high school, as Johnson evolves the “teen sex comedy” sub-genre with positive (and current) messages of sexual orientation.



By: Nick Ferwerda Wilson (Woody Harrelson) is a lonely man who is maybe a bit too honest.  He struggles to adapt to the modern-age of communication, which only irritates his lack of social awareness, but he’s truly shook up when his father passes away – the only family member Wilson had left in his life.


The Skeleton Twins

By: Addison Wylie I liked Craig Johnson’s indie The Skeleton Twins, but it’s a stickler of a movie to justify.  It hardly has a narrative except when it peppers in a loose story towards the final leg, and it’s a character study that’s light on characterization.  To say it’s either one or the other doesn’t feel right.  Without the film’s stellar leading performances, The Skeleton Twins truly would be floating. Johnson has recruited Saturday Night…