Canadian Premiere

Red Carpet

Wylie Writes on the Red Carpet: ‘Hellboy’

By: Jolie Featherstone Wylie Writes was invited to the hotly anticipated red carpet and Canadian premiere of Hellboy.  Hosted at Toronto’s iconic Scotiabank Theatre on April 10th, stars David Harbour and Milla Jovovich were in attendance.  The event coincided with David Harbour’s birthday.  The theatre was buzzing with the excitement of loyal fans who erupted into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ when Harbour arrived at the red carpet.


The Visitor

By: Addison Wylie Drafthouse Films has taken Giulio Paradisi’s director’s cut to his very strange 1979 sci-fi flick The Visitor and are unleashing it to the public in a newly remastered mode. There are a lot of uncanny compositions of malificent behaviour that especially punch out.  These set a tone incredibly fast and have the power to make you immediately feel at unease.  Confusion runs rampant throughout The Visitor, and for the most part, it’s…