Brittany Allen


It Stains the Sands Red

Las Vegas entertainer Molly (Brittany Allen) encounters a stray member of the undead in Nevada’s desert (aka. the Valley of Fire) while a zombie apocalypse breaks out.  The blood-thirsty brute terrorizes Molly by stalking her through the desolate outskirts, which is an incredible challenge since Molly has seen how ravenous and relentless her enemy is.  Knowing safety is 36 miles away is added distress for Molly since maintaining energy and will is a personal struggle for…


Look Again

Look Again has an interesting concept, but stops at its moral dilemma.  It even feels like it begins fifteen minutes into its own story, not giving audiences a fair chance to bite into any leading characters.  The film is filled with ideas and questions and confrontations that are better suited for a stage show developed by a flavourful improv troupe.