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I, Tonya

By: Nick van Dinther Every news station covered what happened to Nancy Kerrigan leading up to the 1994 Olympics, and the supposed involvement of Tonya Harding.  So, how do you take a story that everyone knows and create something new out of it?  Director Craig Gillespie excellently answers that question with I, Tonya, a movie about so much more than just “the incident”.

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Toronto After Dark 2017: ‘Beyond Skyline’ and ‘Victor Crowley’

Beyond Skyline (DIR. Liam O’Donnell) Liam O’Donnell’s Beyond Skyline is the sequel to 2010’s critically panned sci-fi action flick, Skyline.  Movie fans have been eagerly anticipating Beyond Skyline after an impressive trailer dropped earlier this year.  With performances by Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War) and Iko Uwais (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), many were hopeful that the new film would be a vast improvement on the original.

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Toronto After Dark 2015: ‘The Hallow’

By: Addison Wylie The Hallow is made up of great parts that build towards a fleeting good time.  The adult audience gets as much satisfaction out of it as a toddler does with a mall’s mechanical horse. Within the film’s undistinguished Irish town, the community unanimously agrees that the woods are not necessarily a great place to idle.  Their distain is brought out when a family of out-of-towners move to a secluded millhouse that happens…