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Wylie Writes’ 2015 Mid-Year Report

Addison Wylie We’re halfway through the year, and I’m confident movies are “back on track”.  2014 had some admirable features, but it seemed like everyone collectively decided to focus on technical achievements.  As far as award darlings are concerned, our minds have yet to be blown by this year’s selections.  However, 2015 has given movie goers wonderful experiences. Killers made me feel queasy, but in a good way.  Its story about two serial murderers was…


Beyond the Reach

By: Addison Wylie Beyond the Reach is an illogical movie filled with ridiculous things.  Unfortunately, its tediousness stops me from recommending Jean-Baptiste Léonetti’s thriller as Friday night schlocky fodder.  It’s a shame since Beyond the Reach could effortlessly bring down the house in front of a drunken midnight crowd. Léonetti’s film is one of those movies that’s easy on the eyes, and gravel to our ears.  The filmmaker’s director of photography is Russell Carpenter, an…