Adriarico My Love


Wylie Writes’ Ten Worst Movies of 2013

By: Addison Wylie As the Oscars approach this Sunday, the time is finally here to reflect on 2013 through a pair of lists – my picks of the best and the worst.  Let’s get the duds out of the way to make way for the flicks that’ll be remembered for years to come. 2013 introduced me to a new type of “bad”.  It was a sub-version spawning off of the type of hatefulness I only…


Adriatico My Love

By: Addison Wylie In the span of a month, Toronto has gotten two independent films that feature exotic locations starring a cast member of Degrassi: The Next Generation.  While they’re both badly made, Adriarico My Love is not the worst out of the two.  That dishonour still goes to Dev Khanna’s Fondi ’91. However, Nikola Curcin’s peculiar film is a shabby endeavour and just about the strangest film you’ll see this Summer – and, not…