Toronto After Dark 2015: ‘The Hollow One’


By: Shannon Page

Known for directing video games such as Gotham City Impostors and Alien vs. Predator 2, Nathan Hendrickson makes his feature film debut with The Hollow One, a horror about an unstable young woman (Rachel played by Kate Alden) struggling with her memory of a tragic event.  Rachel and her sister Anna (Chelsea Farthing) return to the small farming town of their childhood and reunite with Racheal’s ex-boyfriend (played by Jesse James of Jumper and TMI Hollywood) in a race to stop an ancient and sinister artifact that has possessed the townspeople.  The film begs the question “what is real?” as Rachel constantly questions the certainty of her senses and memories.

While there are certainly nods to Hellraiser with other scenes playing halfhearted homage to the major tropes of the horror genre, The Hollow One has a compelling visual style that is all its own.  The cinematography is, at times, quite beautiful and Hendrickson has a keen eye for symbolism, colour, and light.

Unfortunately, what is a blatant plot hole and what has intentionally been left open-ended is not always entirely clear;  it is unavoidable that the same aspects of The Hollow One that will drive some audience members to loathe it are the very same that will leave others talking and theorizing long after the credits have rolled.

The visuals and plot do work together on multiple levels.  If audiences are willing to pay attention and put in some effort, The Hollow One makes for a compelling and fun film to watch.


The Hollow One screens at Toronto After Dark on: 

Sunday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m. @ Scotiabank Theatre

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