A J.J. Abrams production is like the latest hipster eatery: they take a lot of effort to put together and people apparently like them, but once you have experienced one, it becomes apparent just how incredibly overrated they are.  This is why I’m always so wary of these productions, and why his latest produced feature has been such a surprise – Overlord, directed by Julius Avery, is actually enjoyable!

Overlord is a war film that tells the story of a mission taking place shortly before D-Day.  As American troops find their way into German-occupied France, they have two tasks at mind: survive and destroy a German tower.  That German tower, however, hides a secret that is at once gruesome and could lead the Germans to a victory.

This film is wholly lacking in any nuance whatsoever.  Of course, that becomes apparent early on because, despite the classifications of war and horror and sci-fi, this is a brainless action film through and through.  But, that does not matter in the long run, because the important thing is that it is damn entertaining.  All of the little added touches, from the creature effects (no spoilers) to the great kills and fighting choreography to perhaps one of the most badass women in action cinema in recent years (Mathilde Ollivier’s Chloe), come together to create a film which somehow never lags and is thrilling from beginning to end.

It does need to be reiterated that this film will not appeal to the viewer’s mental faculties.  If you are looking for a smart film about war and humanity and such and such, Overlord is not the film for you.  If you are, however, looking for something with a lot of blood and a good helping of humour on the side, give it a shot.  In short, turn off your brain and enjoy!


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