Wylie Writes’ One-On-One with Adam Scott

By: Shannon Page Adam Scott has been around for a while and his latest project, the indie sex-comedy The Overnight, is certainly not his first attempt at acting or producing.  Though he is probably best known for his work as Ben Wyatt on the television sitcom Parks and Recreation, Scott has also appeared in movies such as Step Brothers, The Aviator and Our Idiot Brother.  The Overnight stars Scott as Alex and Taylor Schilling (of…

Festival Coverage

Inside Out 2015: A One-On-One with Filmmaker Kyle Reaume

By: Shannon Page One of the great things about film festivals is their potential to showcase and foster emerging talent.  The Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival’s Local Heroes short film screening is aimed at drawing attention and giving space to local filmmakers.  It’s a space where audiences can see what is being created in their own back yards, and where beginning filmmakers have the opportunity to see their work screened alongside more established artists….

Festival Coverage

Inside Out 2015: On the Pink Carpet with Paul Weitz

By: Shannon Page The 25th annual Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival began May 21 with a screening of Paul Weitz’s film Grandma starring Lily Tomlin, Judy Greer, and Laverne Cox.  The screening and opening gala kick off 11 days of film by and about members of the LGBT community. Grandma, which was featured at the closing gala of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is the obvious choice to open Inside Out.  Writer and director…


Wylie Writes’ One-On-One with Dan Abramovici

By: Addison Wylie Mars Horodyski’s Ben’s at Home is a film you can’t help but root for.  I’ve been cheering the movie on since I saw it at this year’s Canadian Film Festival, and was overjoyed to hear it won Best Feature as the festival was winding down. Besides its win at the Canadian Film Festival, Ben’s at Home has won all sorts of affection; which is very impressive considering how small scale the movie is. It’s a daunting…


Wylie Writes’ One-On-One with Nick Kroll

By: Shannon Page It’s not exactly uncommon to find comedic actors who have made the transition, or at least attempted the transition, to more serious acting roles. Nick Kroll’s latest creation, the indie-comedy Adult Beginners, is an undeniably sharp departure from the character-based sketch comedy that the comedian’s fans have come to expect from his Comedy Central show, Kroll Show.  Though it has its comic moments, Adult Beginners, which explores the relationship between two estranged…

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Hot Docs 2015: A One-On-One With Committed’s Vic Cohen

By: Addison Wylie Where there’s a Howie Mandel production, Vic Cohen is most likely close by.  It’s quite obvious the two comedians are close supportive friends, however audiences are seeing that connection run deeper in the documentary Committed. For twelve years, Mandel has recorded Cohen with a video camera and chronicled his budding career as a comic and as an outrageous, fearless performer.  The documentary has been also been shaped by co-directors Reed Grinsell and Steve…


Tru Talk: A Two-On-One With Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald

Tru Love hits Toronto’s Carlton Cinema today, and it’s a wise choice to support it.  While it occasionally dabbles as a soap opera, I found its romantic intimacy lovely.  The characters are innocent when facing the premise, which makes their maturity manifest naturally. Recently, I talked Tru Love shop with the film’s co-directors, Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald.  We discussed the film’s snowcapped Toronto setting, the importance of setting a general tone, and if post-production altered that original mood….


CrowdFUNding: ‘Deep Shock’ and ‘The Date’

By: Addison Wylie Back when I was writing for Film Army, I would occasionally get requests from filmmakers to review their short films.  Davide Melini and Rob Comeau were two of those people, and CrowdFUNding has reunited me with them. Melini – an Italian filmmaker with a fascination for  faith – and Comeau – a Canadian moviemaker with an eye for style – strike different chords with their work.  It’s awesome to see these two haven’t…


Kung Fu Elliot: Playing at a Theatre Near You

By: Addison Wylie Every film festival has movies that are so unusual, the audience wonders if the flicks will ever see the light of day.  Kung Fu Elliot and Giuseppe Makes a Movie were those films for me at this past year’s Hot Docs Film Festival.  The jury’s still out on a release for Giuseppe, but Elliot can be seen by many very soon. It’s a doc that rolls with the punches – no pun intended.  The flick starts…

Does It Float?

Does It Float?: A Haunted House 2

By: Addison Wylie The Haunted House films have their haters.  But, these comedies also have those happy-go-lucky appreciators who laugh like hyenas with each crass joke.  The difference between those two audiences is that the haters will openly vent about how these movies stink, while the others are too embarrassed to admit they chuckled. A Haunted House was a guilty pleasure of mine.  It was a minor comedy that found success during its theatrical run,…