Canadian Film Festival ’15: Ben’s at Home

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By: Addison Wylie

Earlier this year, I gave I Put a Hit on You an unfavourable review.  This led me to believe that making a compelling comedy about snippety people bumming around their house was impossible.

Mars Horodyski proves me wrong with Ben’s at Home.  This film is funny and fully realized, successfully capturing an introvert’s post-breakup buffer period.

Ben (played with wit by Dan Abramovici) chooses to stay housebound because he’s satisfied with personal space.  His reclusive mission doesn’t connect with his best pals (Jim Annan, Rob Baker, and Craig Brown), but Ben gratifyingly eases into the new lifestyle.

To nitpicking viewers: the film doesn’t delve into Ben’s financial situation.  Co-writers Abramovici and Horodyski explain fleetingly about Ben’s job as a voiceover artist, but his instant success is hard to swallow.  Also, the constant infatuations Ben receives from striking female visitors will earn skepticism from the audience.

However, the relationship that blooms between Ben and a delivery driver (Jess played by Jessica Embro) is convincing and dear.  They’re interesting and smart without having to put on a show for movie goers.  These conversations contribute to the many other wonderful subtleties and jokes in Ben’s at Home, making this indie an exceptional, mindful piece of work.


Ben’s at Home screens at Toronto’s Canadian Film Festival on Saturday, March 28 at 3:45 pm at The Royal Cinema.

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